HC order could delay further admissions, frets DU

HC order could delay further admissions, frets DU

HC order could delay further admissions, frets DU

New Delhi: A day after the Supreme Court of Delhi stated that admissions under the University of Delhi could be influenced by the results of a petition in court and the results of the revaluation of the CBSE class 12 response sheets , EU officials are worried about how their seats “sacrosanct” and the program will be affected by imminent orders.

A senior AU official, who wishes to remain anonymous, is still sub judice, said that students who have already admitted to the university and its 60 constituent universities do not have to worry.

“The question concerns students who are always looking for admission according to the latest order. Students who have been admitted to DU university will not receive their admissions, even if their qualifications are reduced after a reevaluation,” he said. The official.

Admission: 15,000 seats available on the fourth cut list
As for students who may have their grades increased, UA officials said they would follow the current guidelines for admission, unless the court orders otherwise.

“According to our current guidelines, if a student eliminates a certain threshold, but does not take admission under this list, he can do on the last day of admission to more limitations, as there are still places available,” said a UA who works with the admissions committee.

However, as the High Court order referred to earlier directives, where the college was ordered to accept students, regardless of seat availability and admission schedules, many officials expressed concern.

“The sacredness of the calendar is paramount.This is our only point of sale (USP) Even the number of seats assured by the Academic Council and the Executive Board is sacrosanct healthy.That would be to run, and our admission procedures Delay, “said the member of the AU admissions committee.

The UA has about 56,000 seats this year.

AU officials have also raised the question of why they should delay their admission procedures because of the “slowness” of the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is when only one of the 42 councils represents the student community in the AU.

Almost 80% of the students applying to the UA are CBSE students.

Educators and school officials welcomed the Supreme Court’s order as “natural justice” for students.

“Children should not be subjected to something that is obviously not their fault. Their right of admission can not be denied because of” politics, “said the principal of a major private Delhi school.

The issue is now on the list for a new hearing on July 26, in the meantime, waiting for its admission procedures in uninterrupted form. Officials also said that according to the order of the Supreme Court, they send copies of the schools cut request to keep them informed of the pending issue.

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