Trump’s surprise Paris visit marks shrewd political calculation

Trump's surprise Paris visit marks shrewd political calculation

Trump’s surprise Paris visit marks shrewd political calculation

The decision by President Donald Trump Washington (CNN) to visit France next day next month at the invitation of the new President Emmanuel Macron is a wise political calculation by the two leaders.

Trump announced Wednesday that it would be Bastille Day in Paris on July 14, for a day of implementation at an event to celebrate 100 years since the United States entered World War II.

The US president, on his second trip to Europe in two weeks – heads to Germany for the G20 summit and Poland next week – will rely on the bomb for his official role as commander in chief at a time when Is in political status in your country.

“The two leaders are based more on cooperation and economic partnership in the fight against terrorism between the two countries, and will discuss many other issues of mutual interest,” the White House said in a statement Wednesday.

The trip – to visit a leader who really wants to come – will be an opportunity for the President to counter a growing account of his unpopularity abroad.

A Pew Research poll released Tuesday showed a deep disregard for the Trump form and the “America First” foreign policy. In France, for example, only 14% of respondents had confidence that Trump would do well in world affairs, against 84% who said the same thing to former President Barack Obama.

Macron, who was elected in May and won a broad mandate for his foreign policy mark in parliamentary elections this month, will take advantage of the visit to point out that, despite deep differences with Trump on issues such as global warming, Is determined to maintain the alliance between the United States and France, which lasted more than two centuries.

“Macron does not invite Donald Trump, he invited the president of the United States,” said Nicholas Dungan, former president of the French American Foundation, who teaches at Sciences Po, a prestigious French university research.
The decision to hang Macron Trump to French madness on a day that includes a military parade on the Champs Elysees, which will feature US soldiers and a spectacular firework display at the Eiffel Tower, will likely be of interest to President United States and May be an attempt to address a growing trend of world leaders seeking to flatter a leader who has a highly developed sense of his own image.

The invitation surprised Macron, delivered in a phone call with Trump on Tuesday may also represent an attempt to go down with a better balance with the United States leader after the Macron comment than his long handshake with white handle at his first meeting In the framework of the NATO summit in Brussels last month was a deliberate attempt to prove that he was not intimidated by the American leader.

The visit will also allow Macron clear intent to impose on the world leader of high level despite his inexperience and relative youth. The French president is 30 years younger than his United States counterpart.
Macron recently flattered Russian President Vladimir Putin to the French royal palace in Versailles, but also presents a brilliant interpretation directly speaking of alleged Russian interference during the French elections and Russian media networks “false propaganda.”

The French president has positioned himself as a bastion of liberal values ​​and global reprimanded Trump in a remarkable videotaped message to the American people after the American leader withdrew from the Paris climate deal.

“Tonight I would like to tell the United States that France believes in you.The world believes in you.I know you are a great nation,” Macron said in the video about a French tricolor background and European Union flag.

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